Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather backup plan for each venue and how do you control the temperatures in the venues?
If the weather makes for an unsatisfactory experience, we do have backup plans for altering the location of your ceremony/event into the Big Red Barn and Barrel Room venues as available. The Big Red Barn has flaps that “Button up” to the columns underneath the patio keeping everything protected for the guests. Our Barrel Room is an indoor venue space (with the exception of the Patio) that has protection from inclement weather. Most venues are outdoor spaces (Boat Dock, Magnum Point, Big Red Barn Patio, etc.), but some spaces like the inside of the Barrel Room and Big Red Barn are much easier to control the temperature. We can bring in heaters and fans if the temperatures are extreme.

What does the Day-Of Coordinator provide?
Our Day-Of Coordinators are the go-to contact with the Wedding/Event Venue. They work with the client closely to exceed expectations and create a wonderful connection/experience for the guests.

Do you allow outside catering/alcohol?
We provide all food and beverage needs in house for your guests. We do not allow any outside food or beverage needs; however, you are more than welcome to bring in any dessert option for your wedding/event.

Do you have places on site to get ready? Or lodging overnight offered?
We do have a Suite and House option clients are able to rent out on their Wedding Day. We do not allow overnight lodging options, but have multiple hotels available in close proximity.

Will the winery be open to the public during my wedding?
Yes, and we always make sure any noise from what we can control is adjusted as needed – but we cannot control the volume of guests on property.
Winery is in operations Friday-Sunday. Management will communicate prior to the Wedding/Event on ceremony times and other items where the music needs to be turned down in a specific location.

Can my pet be in the ceremony?
Yes, your pet can be in the Ceremony. The client will just have to fill out a liability waiver and the pet must leave after the Ceremony is over.

What type of decorations are allowed?
Any type of decorations are allowed besides glitter, confetti, balloons, and nailing anything onto our property.

Do you do any decorating? What does your package allow?
Cedar Lake Cellars does not do any decorating for Weddings/Events. We will set up all the tables, chairs, linens and the client’s floor chart accordingly, but the decorations are up to the client.