Wine Vs. “The Others”

3 reasons to pick wine as your go-to holiday drink

The holidays are made for celebrating, and what better way to add some blissful joy than to sip some grape with friends and family. Everyone has an opinion about the best holiday beverage of choice, but we feel confident that no other drink quite measures up to the fulfilling flavor and all-encompassing experience of a fine wine.

Wine vs. Eggnog

Sure, it’s sweet and creamy and mixed with either whiskey or rum. Yeah, it’s got milk and sugar and egg to make it frothy and delicious. Of course, it also can be served hot or cold. But it’s loaded with a bazillion calories. And it looks like a kid’s drink…and you’re no kid. You’re a refined adult with a taste for grownup refreshments that you can bring to a house warming gathering or a black tie affair.

Wine – The winsome winner
Eggnog – The lactose loser

Wine vs. Hot Buttered Rum

Here’s another sweeter-than-sweet almost kiddie drink that adults should shun. It’s got butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and rum. It can be mixed with hot water or cider. We think this concoction is confused. What is it trying to be? Butter goes in cakes, on popcorn, and into sauces…not in drinks!

Wine – The sophisticated winner
Hot Buttered Rum – Icky and sticky underdog

Wine vs. Hot Toddy

While this one heals the sick – some doctors recommend it for patients with colds and flus – the name sounds kind of immature. Almost like a baby asking for a warm blanket or a new bottle. Made with a base of brandy, whiskey or rum, you’ll need to add lemon, honey and hot water. Why go through all this work when you can just as easily head to your medicine cabinet and grab a decongestant or gulp some cough syrup.

Wine – A full-bodied remedy
Hot Toddy – Not for your body

Wine is clearly the winner hands down against all these semi-worthy opponents. We’re pretty sure you agree with us but, if you’re not quite convinced, then open a bottle. In fact, we encourage you to do so…especially at Cedar Lake Cellars.

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