Love Will Keep Us Together

Four animals you should imitate this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to explore different ways to show you care. Flowers are nice and chocolate is sweet but, if you want to truly impress your partner, why not do as the animals do.


Remember when your heart would go pitter-pat upon seeing your loved one walk by? Monkeys show their excitement by panting and grunting when they watch their mate. Another tip from the primates: monkeys literally kiss and make up after an argument. They also are known to make peace by grooming each other after a fight.

Human lesson: If you yelled and hooted like a monkey, your significant other would probably be a little freaked out. Why not do something nice – like empty the dishwasher or bake your ultra-yummy cookies – to show you care and are excited to be together.


These beautiful birds mate for life. Swans constantly show love by bobbing their heads and bringing them together, which makes the space between them look like a heart.

Human lesson: Gaze deeply into your partner’s eyes and profess your love. Hold each other close while embracing that moment of serenity.


Elephants use their trunks like people use their hands. With as many as 100,000 different muscles in their trunks, they are more sensitive than human fingertips and play a key role in their communication.

Human lesson: Make a connection by holding tightly to your loved one’s hand as you discuss your thoughts and dreams together.

Love Birds

Known for romance (hence their name), love birds have a lifelong commitment to each other that begins when they are just two months old. The male performs a courtship dance to woo his lady that includes bobbing his head and scratching hers.

Human lesson: Go out for a night on the town that includes dinner plus dancing…with plenty of slow songs.

While Cedar Lake Cellars doesn’t have three out of the four animals listed above, we do feature beautiful swans – and delicious wine – to make your Valentine’s Day a place to share your love.

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