January Employee of the Month: Angie Tillotson

Angie Tillotson

Hometown: O’Fallon, Mo.
Joined the Cedar Lake Cellars’ team: 2013

Top three reasons why I love working at Cedar Lake Cellars:

  1. I love talking to the customers and remembering something about them so that, the next time they come in, they feel special.
  2. I love everyone I work with plus our management team. We have a great team, and I look forward to coming in every shift!
  3. It gets me out of the house for something fun and productive to do.

Favorite Cedar Lake Cellars’ wine and why:
California Cabernet. I usually don’t like red, but I like this one because it doesn’t bite me.

Favorite Memory:
There are so many. The one that stands out is a couple that I served on the patio one summer evening. They were so cute and sweet. They said they were celebrating, and I asked what they were celebrating, thinking it was a birthday or anniversary. The lady told me they were celebrating one year since she beat brain cancer. My eyes swelled up with tears, and I hugged her telling her what an amazing woman she is. I asked my manager if we could give them a sparkling drink to use for a toast. I brought the sparkling glasses filled with berries and told them, on behalf of Cedar Lake Cellars, we want to help make their celebration even more special. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Making people feel special. I think we accomplished that!

My most impressive hidden talent:
My family and I have a secret language that we speak.

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