Giving Thanks – And Wine! – On Thanksgiving

How to make all the right moves by relying on the holiday’s best movies.

If you’re headed home – or to a significant other’s – for the holidays, you’re not alone. According to AAA, last year people traveled by car (more than 41 million) and plane (over 3 million) to be with their families for the feast of all feasts.

Thanksgiving celebrations focus on delicious food and quality family time. For those who want to impress a girlfriend’s parents (or get out of the doghouse with your own), we have wine selection tips based on three of the greatest Thanksgiving-themed movies ever created!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This 1987 hit features high-strung Steve Martin and easy-going John Candy sharing a three-day trek from Chicago to New York to make it home in time for Thanksgiving. It’s a comedy about reflection and redemption filled with lots of laughter.

The problem: The holidays become a too-close-for-comfort scenario for relatives and strangers you haven’t seen since you were two. Everyone has a famous cheek-squeezing Aunt who won’t stop the torture…even after you say “Uncle”.

The solution: If you’re on the run and need a last minute gift, impress your host with a bottle of 2013 Pinot Noir from the Central Coast. It pairs perfectly with any and all turkey dishes plus implies that you know a thing or two about wine. The vintage indicates you went above and beyond with this purchase.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

The 1973 animated Emmy award-winning film documents Charlie Brown’s attempt to host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. With the help of Woodstock and Snoopy, the gang finally enjoy their unique meal served on a ping pong table.

The problem: No cooking skills. Party anxiety. Peer pressure. Charlie Brown’s stressed out experience screams that he needs just a little help from his friends.

The solution: Had they been of age to drink, Schroeder could have lightened up the party with less intense piano playing and more flavorful rosé. This wine is fun, vibrantly colored, and tremendously sweet with its fruit-forward finish. The perfect complement to any meal…including Charlie Brown’s menu of buttered toast and popcorn entrees.

Hannah and Her Sisters

A Woody Allen classic that follows three sisters through two Thanksgivings plagued with controversy and mayhem.

The problem: Some families just can’t get along…or get along too well in the case of one adulterous sister and her partner-in-crime brother-in-law. Other issues at this dinner table include jealousy, drugs, health scares and religious exploration. Makes your Thanksgiving seem kind of tame in comparison, doesn’t it?

The solution: The perfect drink for that awkward situation is definitely something with bubbles. A nice dry Brut champagne from the “Land of Love” spells out great taste. It pairs easily with almost any dish and is perfect for even the most uncomfortable of toasts.

Make your Thanksgiving an Oscar-worthy affair to remember by bringing the gift of wine. Your audience will appreciate your entertaining efforts.

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