Frozen Drinks:  They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore

Who can deny the thirst-quenching taste of a flavorful Slurpee-style drink?  If you’re a grown-up, you might want to pass…until you learn this is an adults-only beverage.  Then it’s bye-bye boring cocktails and hello there tall, cold and beautiful.

At Cedar Lake Cellars, we invite you to taste the sweetest summer fruits year-round in our uniquely concocted slushy.  We combine finely crushed ice, 100% pure fruit puree, and one of our very own Cedar Lake Cellars’ wine to make the perfect drink.  We guarantee your love for all things icy and yummy will be quickly satisfied.

We rotate seven types of slushies including the Strawberry Sunset, which is made with our semi-sweet blush Pink Sunset wine and 100% pure strawberry puree.  The Mandarin M-OO-N uses our sweet white M-OO-N Route wine and a mandarin orange passion fruit puree.  For the more adventurous types, we mix blueberry, acai and pomegranate along with our ’57 Chevy wine (a blend of Norton, St. Vincent and Chambourcin) for a tasty treat.

Step out of your drinking comfort zone and be prepared to experience a little ice-ice baby.  It’s guaranteed to make you shiver and smile.

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