February Employee of the Month: Bonnie Gilly

Bonnie Gilly

Event Team Lead
Hometown: Glasgow Village, Mo.
Joined the Cedar Lake Cellars’ team: March, 2010

Top three reasons why I love working at Cedar Lake Cellars:

  1. My Cedar Lake Cellars family. I love the people I work with.
  2. I love The atmosphere. It’s rustic, classic, beautiful, and always welcoming.
  3. Since I work on the Event Team, I tell people all the time I get to a party/celebrate every weekend … and get paid to do so. Who wouldn’t love this job?!?!

Favorite Cedar Lake Cellars’ wine and why:
This is not a fair question. Cedar Lake Cellars has a wide variety of wine, from signature wines like our M-OO-N Route to our more classics like Pinot Noir. So, if I had to choose one, I guess it would be Pinot Gris.

Favorite Memory:
I was working an event on a very hot July day in 2011. I went to get a portable ice storage container, and the one I found still had ice in it. Well, it also had a frog hiding in the corner of the tub, so I got a cup, retrieved the frog and decided I was going to save the frog. I took the little guy to the bridge where I met a co-worker, and we were so happy to “save” the frog. We wished him well and turned the cup over to place him back in his natural environment. Before he could even hit the water, up came a huge fish and ate him. We were NOT expecting that!!!

My most impressive hidden talent:
I can whistle very loudly.

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