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Our Sweet Wines

Fire Truck

A tantalizing blend of raspberry and cherry aromas, this chilled sweet red dazzles the palate with rich layers of ripe fruit.

$6 glass | $17.99 bottle

M-OO-N Route

Our M-OO-N Route is a sweet white wine with notes of cantaloupe and red apple.
$6 glass | $17.99 bottle

Pink Sunset

Our Pink Sunset is a unique blush wine with fruity aromas and hints of strawberry, honeydew, and honeycrisp apples.
$6 glass | $17.99 bottle


Our Vignoles is a semi-sweet, heavier white wine with hints of pineapple and papaya, thus the nickname “sunshine wine".
$7 glass | $21.99 bottle

Our Dry Wines

‘57 Chevy

The newest member of our family of wines, this red wine is a blend of Norton, Chambourcin, and St. Vincent and can be served chilled or at cellar temperature.
$8 glass | $25.99 bottle


The bouquet of violet, oak, and licorice tones with rich dark-fruit flavors makes this wine an easy-drinking red wine.
$8 glass | $25.99 bottle