Drink Some Pink

5 reasons why rosé isn’t just for girls

Many men shy away from frou-frou adult beverages for fear of losing their man card. An icy daiquiri? Not on your life for some dudes. A cosmopolitan cocktail? Hasn’t been popular – even for women – since “Sex and the City” went off the air.

Here are five indisputable reasons why rosé is perfect even for the manliest of men.

It’s the most food-friendly wine around.

Rosé is one of the most versatile wines because it falls between heavy reds and light whites. It pairs well with everything from manly meats (like barbecue) to simple fare (like chicken and veggies).

It’s hip to be pink.

If you’re into what’s hot and what’s not, then you absolutely have to select this hip sip. Why? Because rosé wine is red-hot p-o-p-u-l-a-r, with sales even surpassing white wine purchases in France.

It’s a year-round treat.

Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. Perfect when it’s cold outside and even better when it’s hot. Always serve it up chilled for a spectacularly refreshing taste of heaven.

It’s young and yummy.

Rosé doesn’t have to be aged to be delicious, which guarantees instant gratification for those unwilling to wait. Its youthful exuberance is enticing, alluring, and perfectly pleasing in every way!

It’s affordable.

This pretty in pink selection doesn’t break the bank. Bring a bottle for two to your next romantic picnic outing. She’ll be impressed…and you’ll keep some extra hard-earned cash in your wallet.

Note: Check out Cedar Lake Cellars’ recently introduced new dry rosé, which is from the central coast of Shandon, Calif. It possesses a light crisp finish that makes this rosé extremely food-friendly and refreshing. It’s perfect for everyone…including men!

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