Drink or Treat? Six options to make Halloween more boo-tifully grown-up

Think back to the times when you and your buddies went trick or treating. You snagged your mom’s largest pillowcase, stayed out for hours on end, and then happily made it home with an overflowing supply of loot. Now that you’re an adult, it’s time to revisit those days … except this time you get to add a little something extra special to this holiday’s spooky celebration.

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, especially when you pair your favorite Cedar Lake Cellars wine with your tastiest childhood candy. Go grab your favorite bottle, steal some of your kid’s stash (hey, your parents took yours!), and get ready to enjoy a memorable evening with your favorite pals.

Riesling and Candy Corn
The perfect combination: Riesling’s honeysuckle aromas mixed with the sticky sweet honey that makes candy corn a Halloween tradition.

M-OO-N Route and Skittles
The wine’s luscious melon flavors truly complement the sugary sensation of this brightly-flavored candy.

Pink Sunset and Sour Patch Kids
Mixing these two together just makes sense! The savory strawberry and honey crisp apple flavors take the candy’s tart-and-sour taste away so you’ll be tempted to eat the entire bag!

Fire Truck and Twizzlers
The wine’s cherry and bright berry flavors make this a delectable treat when matched with the chewy fruit flavor of this classic candy.

’57 Chevy and Whoppers
The semi-sweet red wine, which has aromas of vanilla and oak, bring out the malty goodness of this chocolate-covered experience.

Norton and Reese’s Pumpkins
We’ve saved the best for last! Not only are peanut butter and chocolate an irresistible combination, but they also pair nicely with the wine’s warm spices of cinnamon, oak and hints of vanilla.

The trick to making Halloween a real celebration is to treat yourself to an exclusive Cedar Lake Cellars wine paired with your favorite childhood memory. Go ahead and give it a try. We promise it will be scary good.

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