10 Years Of Memorable Experiences

Thank You To Our Loyal Employees

Many things have changed since we opened our doors in 2010, but the loyalty from our most long-lasting employees has stayed the same. We’d like to honor the following members of our team in their 10th year of employment at Cedar Lake Cellars:
Sharee Leonard, Jana Davis and Brittany Hoke

We asked each of them the following question:
In your 10 years of employment at Cedar Lake Cellars, what was your most memorable experience?

“The very first day that we opened everyone was equal. We loved, we laughed, we shared, and guests just kept coming and pouring in. Beautiful…”
– Sharee Leonard, employed since September 14th, 2010

“One of my favorite memories was having all the employees come up to the winery to launch the 3 Swans wines. I got to lead the presentation on where they came from, their importance, and what they will do for our company. It was the start of something momentous for the winery – our own elite label of California wines!”
– Brittany Hoke, employed since September 14th, 2010

“One of my favorite memories was the time I was opening a bottle of Sparkling Almond Wine for a guest. The cork got away from me, bounced off the ceiling, and landed in that same guest’s wine glass…the bar was full and we all cheered!
I am also grateful for the wonderful new friends I have gained at Cedar Lake Cellars, both employees and guests!”

– Jana Davis, employed since October 27th, 2010

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